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Dig DEIP in Dentistry

October 23rd, 2012 / By: Lauran

What is Dental Emotional Intelligence Proficiency and why is it important?

When I tell dental practitioners that I am passionate about improving their Emotional Intelligence to increase their business, I am always entertained by the responses.  This one is my favorite: “Well, some of my patients need Emotional Intelligence to help level off their mood swings and hormones.”

DEIP has nothing to do with hormones, mood swings or true emotions! It has to do with how we handle ourselves in relation to others around us.  It is a measure of how aware we are of ourselves in relation to others, in any environment.  It is that simple.

Dental Emotional Intelligence Proficiency (DEIP)

DEIP is a form of knowledge that drives our success in work, life and our relationships. Research in this area has become quite popular. In these studies, dental practitioners who demonstrated high Emotional Intelligence had the following positive results:

  • increase in patient/client retention
  • higher rate of customer satisfaction and retention
  • decrease in stress and positive job satisfaction
  • less likely to be scrutinized regarding malpractice and had an overall reduction of practice risk management
  • the ability to change and grow in any economic climate

 Did you know that up to 80% of success comes from Emotional Intelligence? The rest is a direct result of your Intelligence Quotient, or IQ (Goleman, 1996). 

Here is the great part of Dental Emotional Intelligence … It can be learned!

 So how does Dental Emotional Intelligence Proficiency (DEIP) fit in?

DEIP is a subset of Emotional Intelligence skill sets. Emotional Intelligence has over 24 competencies ranging from Empathy to Organizational Awareness. DEIP looks at the top 15-skill sets that top dental practitioners and dental schools focus on.

Let us face it, dental care is an area which patients tend to neglect due to a variety of reasons. In a recent poll, Dr. Ali (2010) uncovered the top five reasons patients “forget” to return six months later. Shocking, or not, the number one reason patients hate to return is due to the overall attitude of the staff and the dentist. The patient tends to feels lectured- to, they are ashamed of their poor habits, and the dental office itself is intimidating.  Yet, when the economy goes down–dental care need is on the rise. More patients forgo the follow- up and only see their practitioner when there is an emergency, and we all know it may have been prevented.

DEIP is all about how we relate to the patient and others in the practice. It helps provide a safe and friendly environment where patient success thrives. 

Many clients will ask – Do I have to be strong in all of the 15 skills areas?

No. You do not have to be strong in all 15; however, you should be aware of them. You also need to be mindful – DEIP is like a muscle. If you are strong in one area you need to continue to strengthen this area or it may weaken It also is important not to stress over all 16 skill areas. You can take the Social- Emotional Intelligence online assessment,  you will discover your strengths and what areas need development.  Select one strength, and one area of development or weakness to work through before moving on to other skills.

Contact me today if you wish for more information and assessment  or a copy of Dig DEIP in Dentistry- available through

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