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Lauran Star offers a variety of Speaking, Training and Consulting/Coaching programs as well as content/article publication and co-branding in the following areas focused on Generational Inclusion and Leadership:

  • Generational Development – Comprehensive understanding of how each generation communicates, motivates and works together in fostering the growth of the organization. Development includes communication and conflict management.
  • Leadership Development – Leadership is not one size fits all, therefore, programs are customized to focus on your diversity and needs. Development includes communication, transformational leadership training and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Client Retention/ Business Development – Understand the next generation of clients, their needs, what motivates them and how to keep them and create lasting solid business platforms.
  • Generational Attraction and Retention – How to attract and keep great employees regardless of their generation comes down to understanding what drives them.
  • Inclusion Beyond Diversity – Team building where teams go beyond what their biases are and begin to work as cohesive units driving organizational growth in every level.
  • DiSC & Emotional Intelligence Training Programs

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Generational Leadership Development:

Generational Diversity is now upon us as Millennials currently make up over 40% of the workforce – and that is great news. They bring passion and innovation, they are tech savvy and want career growth. However working with Millennials can present an entirely new problem. There is a learning curve to attracting, retaining and inspiring this Generation – It comes down to a shift in Leadership, Communication and Conflict Management skills.

Generational Diversity:

  • Companies are now preparing for Generational I (born 2001- 2015) in the workplace, leaving a gap of learning and development for Generational Y.
  • The diversity between the Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generational X (1965-1980) and Millennials (1977-2000) includes leadership, feedback, communication and conflict management. All which are learnable skills.
  • Employees with strong generational skills have higher job satisfaction and climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are lacking
  • Organizations that are generational ready have higher job retention, performance and job satisfaction. They also are more innovating than those who are not.
  • What motivates one generation may not motivate another -the GenY’s/ Millennials are motivated on having a positive input and outcome on employment verse just working. Understanding these motivations results in higher job productivity and job satisfaction.

Regardless of the generation, your skills need to adapt to elevate you, your team and your company. Lauran Star - thought leader on Leadership Diversity, embraces and inspires people and organizations like yours to thrive in a new, uncharted generational workforce.

Leadership Diversity:

Leadership Diversity is more than ethnic boundaries being broken, it includes both Gender and, now more than ever, Generational Diversity.

The workforce today is more diverse with issues and concerns needing addressing before they become problems. From talent management to development -Lauran Star understands the relevant issues facing organizations and those tasked with its people management.

Leadership Diversity Includes:

  • Authenticity
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Team building
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Motivational Factors
  • Success Teams

“Leadership is not management – it is empowering others to reach new heights, to motivate, to shift idea’s and thought processes for the greater good of the company or oneself.” – Lauran Star

Lauran's Popular Generational and Leadership Programs:

Your programs are uniquely created with your audience in mind and all have reinforcement tools available.

Pivotal Generation – Going from Diversity to Workplace Inclusion


What They Say About Lauran Star

  • “All we can say is … amazing! Lauran Star’s energy level is contagious even after 6 hours of presenting. She is engaging and thought provoking, having many of us rethink how we do business.”

    “Lauran’s expertise in Emotional Intelligence makes this program a must! Her humor, enthusiasm makes this interactive session an entertaining, educational and thought-provoking experience for everyone!”
    “Be the solution – Thank you for not sugar coating your workshop. The entire audience felt connected to you and loved the tangible solutions to our issues. I love your humor.”

  • “If you want forward movement on your career and personal life – HIRE Lauran Today – or sit back and let someone else live the life you want – it is your choice.”

    "Sitting in seat 4049, was like sitting in the first seat- Lauran spoke to me, and changed how I now engage with Millennial in the workplace. Lauran Star is dynamic, witty and attention grabbing with her stories and tips. Every one of the 4050 member audience left enlightened and empowered today!"
    “Be prepared to laugh and learn as Lauran Star takes you on the ride of your life! She goes beyond empowering as the audience left with a must do today attitude and it all can be done. It is all about Leading Her Ship!"

  • “Wow! Impressive combination of humor and real life tools to provide my team with a balanced perspective of work and home life. Talk about going beyond the bedroom – this was more than home life balance. Lauran Star is the real deal in Keynoting!”

    “Lauran Star is an excellent closing speaker; however, she would also be fantastic as an opener, after lunch or any time in any conference schedule. Her energy, positive outlook and extreme sense of humor had our audience engaged and ready to take action today!"

    “I met Lauran Star at the Simmons Leadership Conference and all I can say … It’s all about how I get ahead – and Lauran’s style and thinking space got me there! I am now a CEO thanks to Lauran – HUGE THANK YOU, you are just amazing and I would never have gotten where I am today without you."
  • “With well over fifteen years in senior leadership positions Lauran Star brought the house down while discussing; Leadership today verses yesterday. She hit Leadership Authenticity and Accountability on the head all the while empowering the audience to Lead their own Ship. I am beyond Motivated – I am Empowered!”

    “Lauran Star is an amazing closing Keynote Speaker – The audience never left and were engaged and enthralled with Lauran’s humor and approachability. It goes beyond networking with the crowd as Lauran Star connected with all 600 attendees on a personal level leaving them reaching for more."

    “Another Keynote another dime – yet with Lauran Star … Buckle up! She goes beyond keynotes as she truly understood what our audience faced everyday and then had out of the box solutions they could apply right now. Lauran Star gives to your audience like no other – she was present with our audience weeks before the conference and remained well after the conference ended. Lauran Star Empowers and cares!"
  • “It is all about connections – and Lauran Star connects with her audience like no other! She goes beyond the platform as she engages with her audience before and after providing motivation and inspiration. If you want a Keynote speaker who is rakish and puts herself out there for the audience to grab on to – Lauran Star is it. She also has an amazing follow up program to keep the momentum moving forward!”
    “A strategic partner is what you get with Lauran Star – She will move you forward and help you get out of your own way- FAST! Be prepared to work and then reap the rewards!"

    “It’s all about how I get ahead – and Lauran’s style and thinking space got me there! I am now a CEO thanks to Lauran – HUGE THANK YOU, you are just amazing and I would never have gotten where I am today without you.”

  • “With well over fifteen years in senior leadership positions Lauran Star is more than prepared to be your thinking partner to get you to where you desire to be … Today, verses a year from now.”

    “I love Lauran’s direct approach – as she held me accountable to my own dreams!”


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