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 Millennials ….Elephant or Self Fulfilling Prophecy

We all know how dangerous labeling can be … why often it gives license to the individual to prove them right.  Knowing this however still has left many organizations with the overall attitude that in generations we are creating self – fulfilling prophecies that often are based on one or two bad experiences.
When I say Millennials what are the first things that come into mind – besides Uggh? images
  • Here is the elephant …
  • Entitled
  • Only will work till 5
  •  Self-Absorbed
  •  Want to be promoted now
  • No work ethic
Yet studies have repeatedly shown the above in not the case. Generation Y has the same work ethic, drive for success, job – hopping and desire for advancement as Boomer and Generation X.  They demand work -life harmony because their parents – Boomer and Generation X instilled that in their upbringing.
So how do we shift from the elephant to fact.
  • Think of Millennials as empowered – not entitled.  See what tools they bring to the workplace and learn from them.
  • Realize we created them to want what we did not have. They grew up seeing and hearing our thoughts on the workplace and being empowered know they can change it for the better.
  • Coach them so they can thrive in the business world instead of focusing on the negative and complaining.
·         If we work together and see the strengths each generation brings to the table we can find inclusion.


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