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Creative Ways to Bust Through Fear, Stress, and Burnout- MP3

Plug in and learn how to Creative Ways to Bust Through Fear, Stress, and Burnout. Our guest today is none other than Krylyn Peters!

Learn more about our guest:

Krylyn Peters, “The Fear Whisperer,” is an author, speaker, coach, and singer/songwriter. Drawing on her experience as a licensed PIC-Krylyn Peters 2015-squarepsychotherapist and her ability to easily connect with others, Krylyn creates immediate feelings of trust and integrity. Gifted with humor, saying what needs to be said, and a knack for thinking on her feet, Krylyn’s style is inviting, authentic, and fun. Krylyn’s philosophy is that we all have a calling, which typically emerges from intense personal challenges. We sometimes need guidance and support to navigate those challenges and allow them to propel us forward into our life purpose, rather than keep us stuck in fear and self-doubt. Krylyn motivates, inspires, and entertains – always leaving people empowered with the practical and proven tools they need to help them tame their fears and get out of their own damn way so they can step into their greatness. Find out more at

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Want more … Vicky Oliver / will be busting out of her corner today with great tips and tools to expand your own self in the market place!


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