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Empower Yourself – by Rev. Diana R. Williams, M.Div

To encourage yourself is to reassure yourself that victory is imminent if you don’t lose hope and give up. Rather than becoming stuck at the pity-party, assigning blame and second-guessing your previous decisions, you must formulate a strategy to move forward. Life lessons in suffering and disillusionment equips us with personal testimonies of encouragement wrought through firsthand experience. Through the highs and lows through which God carries us, we develop a portfolio of victories upon which we can reflect in times of trouble. Use the following encouragement tools to lift your spirits, strengthen your resolve and to get over your disappointment.
Affirm who and whose you are. ‘Affirmation,
Who you are is a level of development of the full personal potential that lies within. To know who you are is to honor your true self as a man or woman of God. Your intimate relationship with God is unique and unlike any other because you are unique. God’s love for you is so absolute, so encompassing and so lavish that God is concerned with the particular aspects of your life. God cares about what you care about and your caring has been transformed to care about that for which God cares. Despite how things may appear temporarily, know that God is working behind the scenes causing it all to come together for your good.
Claim for yourself the concept of release. Emancipation,
GOD released you from carrying your burdens therefore do not become plagued with regret. The opposite negative action for worrying about the future is obsessing about the past. Yesterday is gone and cannot be recaptured. If mistakes were made, anxiously replaying what action you should have taken will not fix them. The answer is to lay aside or release every weight to run the race set before you with patience. Let God release you from bondage. Always seek God in prayer about every decision in your life from this point forward. Be encouraged at every fork in the road and every twist of fate assured that goodness and mercy follows you into new levels of boldness, confidence, and greater resolve!

Speak in agreement with God!, Communication,
What are you saying about your situation? There is power in the spoken word to bless or curse, to encourage or discourage and to tear down or build up. You have the power to speak life or speak death right into your very soul. Are you in agreement with the Lord’s promises for your life? “God told them, ‘I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love! And so now I’ll start over with you and build you up again.’” (Jeremiah 31:3-4, MSG). God also commits to refresh tired bodies and to restore tired souls. Settle it today in your heart that from now on you will speak to your spirit only what builds, restores, and edifies!
Examine your inner circle. Association,
Sometimes when you need encouragement, you will find that not everyone with whom you associate has your best interest at heart. Therefore, encouraging yourself requires a shift within your environment. You may have to change the company you keep and those to whom you listen. Ask God for discernment to recognize adversaries, backstabbers, doubters, dream-killers, fakers, frienemies, haters, naysayers, pretenders and people who are less than kind. Everyone cannot go where God is leading you. Let go of soul ties, toxic relationships and unholy alliances with people who walk in darkness. Don’t allow anyone or anything to cause you to doubt God’s wonderful plans for your life. Like Christ, send your modern day Judas’ away from the supper table and only invite your true divine connections into your confidence.

Declare your victory until it manifests! Declaration.’
Declaring is not presumption because it decrees only what the Word says. It is clearly speaking with authority the things that will be. To declare under the anointing and authorization of God is to find the scripture promises concerning anything with which you are dealing and to then apply those promises personally to your situation. Speak your assertions with absolute certainty to charge the atmosphere around you with the resources needed to bring those things to pass. Do not merely read the promises in the Bible; meditate upon them, commit them to memory, and believe that they are yours to possess.


With over thirty years of ministry and leadership experience and now serving as Chief Encouragement Overseer (CEO) of DRW Ministries & Encouragement Consulting, the ‘gift’ of encouragement informs my assignment and my purpose on earth. It is my belief that encouragement is a key factor of empowerment, fulfilment, inspiration, transformation and success. Thus, those who can encourage themselves in the face of challenges and opposition are the people who can enjoy life.

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