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Online Business – Things you MUST know – BY Ileana Kane

Are You Making This Classic Mistake In Getting Clients Online?
When I first wanted to create an online business, I realized I had no list. So I launched my online business. To create a list, I had a free report and started generating leads. Then I had a system to convert them into clients. I was working so hard for too little return. I hadn’t really claimed my expertise much less my authority in my niche. Kane Photo

So the launch just didn’t happen the way I wanted. I was on a mission to stop the struggle and realized I was making a classic mistake that most coaches and entrepreneurs make when getting clients online. This classic mistake is using time saving technology. With this simple technology, I was able to become the recognized authority in my niche, have clients come to me, create my first $27,000 month online, and have plenty of time left for friends, family and fun! The technology I’m talking about is the use of the webinar. With this time and money-saving technology, I finally realized that webinars could be used even if you are new in your business.

So, I was able to avoid the 3 dangerous myths that business owners buy into that leads to disappointment and disaster. These myths kill your sales and business before you get started. Let me share what these 3 dangerous money sucking myths are….
Money Sucking Myth 1
I’m new in business and I’ve got to build my list first. When I first started online I was taught that too. I was taught give a free report then drive traffic to your site have people read the report and voila they’ll want to work with you. It’s way too much work to do business that way.
The truth is webinars are the easiest way to get known as the expert and have an authority presence, build your list, get more high quality leads that leads to getting 1on 1 clients or filling your group program. So basically, if you are not using webinar technology, you’re working too hard and leaving way too much money on the table.
Money Sucking Myth 2
Webinar promotions are too expensive. When I learned the truth, I found this myth perplexed me the most. Because having an online webinar can be very inexpensive. It’s going to depend on how you promote your offer and who does the work for you. We now live in an Internet dominated world so that needs to be used.
So many business owners use Facebook for their promotions. Just recently my client’s leads have become $28 per lead. Depending on what your offer is this could be very expensive. The biggest issue is the money up front you need to use to fill your webinar with prospective clients.
Many people forget about their list that they’ve already created, their friends and or associates and LinkedIn. Even if you paid an assistant to do the work for you, the cost per lead is almost free.
Money Sucking Myth 3
Nobody is staying until the end of the webinar. What I found to be true is your specific audience will be very forgiving if you provide high quality substance over your style. The one thing they won’t tolerate is a boring webinar in general. So while nobody is staying until the end is not the problem. The most important thing with presenting your offer is make sure you move the presentation forward in an interesting way step by step which will create an interested and attentive audience. You must be clear and concise while you continue to use subtle signals so your participants want to stay for the next step until the end!
Once you avoid these 3 dangerous money sucking myths, you can stop the struggle and create a business and life you love with ease!

Nationally recognized rapid growth Business Coach for new and experienced coaches, Ileana Kane coaches ambitious women globally on how to create a business and lifetyle they love. Grab your FREE webinar to secure more clients online.

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