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Setting the Record Straight – Gen Y

Lets set the record straight on the generational worth factor. A generation worth however is not measured in time.  I would argue we truly cannot label a generation worth due to the simple fact that greatness can happen at any given point in one’s life. There is no set expiration date on success. Case in point – today we see Baby Boomers are just starting to reach their full potential and Generation X is looking to see where they will leave their own mark. The Millennials are still too new to the workforce to even begin to comprehend what greatness they will leave as their legacy. Yet within each grouping some have already peaked and shown sparkle. Therefore, rather than label a time fraction for understanding, we need awareness.

Things all Generations have in Common:

  • Have similar motivational frame work from extrinsic, to individual to intrinsic
  • We are all unique and thus hate to be put in a box and labeled
  • Managers need to focus less on generational differences and look at the root of a given issue
  • While some generations scream they want to be part of something bigger – it is in fact a need for all individuals to be engaged and accepted
  • “Job-hopping” is not a generational trait
  • Are equally independent and crave autonomy
  • Strong leadership – Each generation creates a different pattern in leadership that meets the demand of the business world at that time
  • Great leadership is NOT a generational phenomenal
  • Job satisfaction is equal among all generations
  • All three value security and professional growth equally
  • We need each other to learn and grow
  • Equally motivated and desire for success
  • Have shared work ethic values

So where do we start – by decreasing the need to label each other.

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