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Stop the Diversity Insanity

Going from Diversity to InclusionAre You a Submissive Business Woman?

Stop the Diversity Insanity

More than ever, today organizations need to move from diversity outlooks in the workplace to inclusion. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Diversity: The quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.: the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization

Inclusion: the act of including :  the state of being included

Diversity is only half of the solution to organization attracting new business, innovation and commonality in the global market. Inclusion is the key. An organization may rock the numbers in diversity however if the employees do not feel they are part of something bigger, that what they themselves bring to the table is seen and heard and they are not valued – they simply leave.


Organizations need to build a strong foundation of sharing perspectives and communicate openly around the need for inclusion. Inclusion does not just happen. Employees need to spend time together and value what the other brings to the table.  In the end respect for all is paramount for inclusion to succeed. The kicker … it takes time, trust and strong leadership as inclusion cannot be demanded.

Beware of the Self- Fulfilling Prophecy

Case in point …Millennials.  Here we have a generation that when they feel they are not included in fact are empowered enough to take their talent and go elsewhere. And guess what – they are wanted elsewhere – It is the organizations loss when they lose talented “any” generation, especially when it is due to the lack of organizational inclusion.

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