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The Top 3 “Good Girl” Myths That Are Killing Your Keeping You Exhausted, Frustrated and Frazzled – Ali Miners

There are 3 Good Girl Myths that are keeping you exhausted, frustrated and frazzled.

These good girl myths, are making you feel anxious and stressed with the people around you and are keeping you awake at 2am, worrying about how much you have to do and how you can possibly achieve it.

You have been working really hard to become successful in your career or business, but somehow you are feeling disappointed that you are not quite as happy as you know you should be.

You might be wondering where the joy and laughter in your life has gone.

What I have found when I am working with clients is that there is one innocent phrase that is killing your energy, sense of humour and leaving you feeling frazzled.

This innocent phrase will immediately shut down your feelings of success and happiness and kill your relationships while trying to be a “Good Girl”.

This good girl myth can be expressed in one innocent phrase ….. “I can do it all myself”

Why is this innocent phrase a killer of your relationships?

“I can do it all myself” is the fastest way to keep you feeling exhausted, anxious and frustrated.

We all know that when we are feeling this way; when we are in this tired, emotional state; we end up short tempered, we snap back at the people closest to us that we love and work with, thus creating a wall around us and alienating people completely.

Whatever is causing you to feel these exhausted, disappointed and resentful, needs to be extracted from your life and removed.

Put it in the “Dump It” bucket

Move on because there are too many people out there to help you for you to keel over with exhaustion.

Stop and ask for help!

There are plenty of people out there who would be only too happy to help you so that you can concentrate on being good at your job or running your business, whilst prioritising quality time with your partner, family and friends.

Many women use this innocent phrase, “I can do it all myself” because we have been brought up and programmed to multitask and do everything ourselves. We feel guilty if we have to ask for help or to delegate anything.

But guess what…..

Every successful businesswoman needs an entourage in their lives!

People who surround you and support you by doing what they are good at, freeing you up to do what you want to be doing.

Learning how to build your own entourage is the first step towards learning the art of getting your Va, Vroom back.

“Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met.”
Barbara Walters, broadcast journalist and author

Delegation at home means that instead of becoming a martyr and resentful because you are so exhausted, you can let someone else do the washing and ironing, clean the house and make the beds. Do you realise that if you get someone in to do your cleaning, within 3 hours they can clean the kitchen and bathrooms, change the beds and run the vacuum cleaner around.

This frees you up to spend those 3 hours, doing whatever it is that you are missing out on. 3 hours per week x 52 weeks in the year gives you back 156 hours a year. If you take the average working day as 8 hours; that is 8 days a year that you could be doing what you want to, rather than wasting it doing things that you don’t have to do!

You could actually be going out for some fun with your partner; taking your children to the park or the cinema; having lunch with your friends.
Whatever rocks your boat!

Which of these lifestyle choices would you rather?

Remember –
Your Mum didn’t raise you for you to become a workhorse!

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Ali Miners is known as The Frazzled2Fabulous Coach. Ali’s mission is to help her clients “Enjoy Fun, Love and Laughter With Their Family And Friends”.

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