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Why Ignoring Valentine’s Day Could Cost You Your Biz by Ali Miners


Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and if you are a business owner and think that Valentine’s Day is just about couples and nothing to do with you, then you area making a huge mistake.
Depending on what your business is, this could be one of the busiest days of the year as far as sales and revenue go.
If you are in a relationship, you probably hope that this year your partner won’t forget to buy you something, whether it’s a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. However, if you are single and not in a relationship and don’t have anyone that you particularly want to be in a relationship with, you may well think that you can just ignore Valentine’s Day.
Be warned, you do this at your peril!
It is not all about cards, roses and chocolates.
Have you realized the impact that Valentine’s Day has on businesses and sales in February?
The first three months of the year are what is commonly known as the “shoulder months”, when many businesses struggle to survive. Thankfully for many businesses, we now have an explosive phenomenon called “Valentine’s Day”. In fact, is now the second most popular time to buy and exchange greeting cards, second only after Christmas. In the UK we send circa 25 million, compared to 145 million in the US. Globally the figure is around one billion, and that is just cards.
What about all the presents?
These range from Champagne, wine, lingerie, chocolates, jewellery, and perfume. Alongside this, hotels and restaurants find this weekend or evening one of their most revenue generating nights of the year. Not forgetting sales for take-aways, taxi companies and supermarkets who now all have their Valentine’s special offerings on meal deals and bubbly. So whether you are a florist, chocolate manufacturer, lingerie shop, jewellery store or designer, perfume retailer or hospitality venue, make sure that you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to increase your revenue.
Don’t think that it is too late for you to take advantage of Valentine’s Day this year. It only takes minutes to set up a marketing campaign on Social Media and it’s free. You can set up a Valentine’s Day related page on Facebook or hashtag your posts on Twitter with #ValentinesDay or @ValentinesDay to make sure that your target market doesn’t miss your posts.

One extraordinary thought to leave you with, is that you don’t even need a partner to share Valentine’s Day with. In the US, Nine million Americans buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets, generating £227m of sales.

A word of warning to any men reading this post, according to a US survey, 53 per cent of women will dump boyfriends or partners who do not give them anything on Valentine’s Day.

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and promote your business. Think Valentine’s Day and boost your sales this February and every February in the future.


Ali Miners is known as the Frazzled2Fabulous Coach. Ali is the ‘Go To’ person to help successful business owners who appear to have it all from the outside, but who are actually exhausted, anxious and frustrated to learn to enjoy fun, love and laughter with their family and friends.


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