Women's Empowerment

We as women are more than Just a Pretty Face… we are unique and powerful creatures of the world, and being that we need to embrace ourselves and others.

We wear many different hats and are Jane’s of all trades. Our focus often is on others first then if we have the energy ourselves. Yet we often go through life struggling with our own empowerment – we climb as a sole unit rather than with others. We need to celebrate with each other how wonderful we are- how empowered we are and celebrate how we get through our challenges together verses alone.

Women’s Empowerment includes:

  • Authenticity
  • Self-Awareness
  • Personal Power
  • Moving beyond the Junk in Your Trunk
  • Understanding what your needs are
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Being Heard and Seen
  • Resiliency

Studies demonstrate the vast majority of women find themselves unfulfilled and underpowered in either the workplace or home life. If a woman is empowered at home – they bring that to the work place in the form of personal power, influence, communication, leadership, adaptability and so much more.

As women we hold down a variety of roles yet if we let these role run our life they can overpower us. Does this sound familiar, or have you ever made a list of all you do?

Meet Lauran Star (yes me)

I am a full time thriving business owner, accomplished author, international speaker, a faculty member in the New Hampshire University System, a mom of three, competitive girls youth lacrosse and soccer coach, boy youth soccer coach, mom of … theater, baseball and basketball, a wife of 16+ years, in my off time I take on the role of doctor, cook, cleaner, peace keeper, homework goddess, dog walker, school volunteer, shopper, a best friend, and a supportive aunt to over twenty nieces and nephews.

The point is women wear many hats and can shift those hats at any given minute. Some do it seamlessly while others, well let’s just say they are overwhelmed. At the end of the day, while others desire to toss the towel in and sleep I am left reminding myself that all the above is my choice. I place all that on me. Why? Simply put – I am Empowered.

Women’s Empowerment Coaching is one of the fastest ways to succeed in life. It is a professional performance technology that leverages your strengths to achieve and advance on your terms. This synergistic relationship will elicit your inner most desires.

Together you co-create a plan of action that will lead to your goals faster and more easily than you would have on your own.

Lauran Star - Women's Empowerment Thought Leader

Research about those enrolled in Empowerment coaching tells us:

  • Discovered an overall improvement in work/life balance
  • Understood and removed the barriers that were holding them back
  • Exceeded both their personal as well as their professional goals
  • Gained enhanced relationships with their peers and direct supervisor regardless of the level
  • Clarify your vision and goals for the future
  • Defined how and what they wanted to be heard
  • And so much more

Lauran Star’s coaching style is a hybrid of coaching and mentoring.

A proven technique to provide you with tangible results that are long lasting.

Her approach is direct, clear and focused. She understands the need for results today verses a year from now.

Women’s Leadership Development:

Leadership is a choice however development is not. To be a successful leader, regardless of gender one needs to understand the skills required as well as how to inspire, motivate and raise the bar for all around you.

Women in Leadership:

  • Women today are the primary breadwinners (according to the 2010 United States Department of Labor, over 58% of all the women are the breadwinners and 78% of women are now in the workforce full time) thus organizations are aggressively seeking to diversify their leadership teams – providing the female perspective. That being said however the struggle falls to how to develop the genders in leadership.
  • Women struggle to gain a real perspective on how to get ahead, what is expected, how to build strong alliances, and find work/life strategies. This lack of knowledge is creating a “one step forward two steps back” mentality as the tools required to succeed are hushed, hidden and at time out of reach.
  • Leadership development is not one size or gender fits all as our leadership styles and authenticity must be taken into account.
  • Organizations with diverse leadership are more innovating and have a higher return on training investments than those who do not.
  • Increased job satisfaction and retention go hand in hand with leadership development.

In the end, if you wish to get ahead you need to have someone in your corner.

Lauran Star offers a wide range of proven effective tools, assessments and training –meeting your Leadership Diversity needs.

Lauran's Popular Women's Empowerment Programs:

Your programs are uniquely created with your audience in mind and all have reinforcement tools available.

Your Power Pivot

Redefining the Glass Ceiling

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

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What They Say About Lauran Star

  • “With well over fifteen years in senior leadership positions Lauran Star is more than prepared to be your thinking partner to get you to where you desire to be … Today, verses a year from now.”

    “I love Lauran’s direct approach – as she held me accountable to my own dreams!”

    “It’s all about how I get ahead – and Lauran’s style and thinking space got me there! I am now a CEO thanks to Lauran – HUGE THANK YOU, you are just amazing and I would never have gotten where I am today without you.”
  • “All we can say is … amazing! Lauran Star’s energy level is contagious even after 6 hours of presenting. She is engaging and thought provoking, having many of us rethink how we do business.”

    “Lauran’s expertise in Emotional Intelligence makes this program a must! Her humor, enthusiasm makes this interactive session an entertaining, educational and thought-provoking experience for everyone!”
    “Be the solution – Thank you for not sugar coating your workshop. The entire audience felt connected to you and loved the tangible solutions to our issues. I love your humor.”

  • “If you want forward movement on your career and personal life – HIRE Lauran Today – or sit back and let someone else live the life you want – it is your choice.”

    "Sitting in seat 4049, was like sitting in the first seat- Lauran spoke to me, and changed how I now engage with Millennial in the workplace. Lauran Star is dynamic, witty and attention grabbing with her stories and tips. Every one of the 4050 member audience left enlightened and empowered today!"
    “Be prepared to laugh and learn as Lauran Star takes you on the ride of your life! She goes beyond empowering as the audience left with a must do today attitude and it all can be done. It is all about Leading Her Ship!"

  • “Wow! Impressive combination of humor and real life tools to provide my team with a balanced perspective of work and home life. Talk about going beyond the bedroom – this was more than home life balance. Lauran Star is the real deal in Keynoting!”

    “Lauran Star is an excellent closing speaker; however, she would also be fantastic as an opener, after lunch or any time in any conference schedule. Her energy, positive outlook and extreme sense of humor had our audience engaged and ready to take action today!"

    “I met Lauran Star at the Simmons Leadership Conference and all I can say … It’s all about how I get ahead – and Lauran’s style and thinking space got me there! I am now a CEO thanks to Lauran – HUGE THANK YOU, you are just amazing and I would never have gotten where I am today without you."
  • “With well over fifteen years in senior leadership positions Lauran Star brought the house down while discussing; Leadership today verses yesterday. She hit Leadership Authenticity and Accountability on the head all the while empowering the audience to Lead their own Ship. I am beyond Motivated – I am Empowered!”

    “Lauran Star is an amazing closing Keynote Speaker – The audience never left and were engaged and enthralled with Lauran’s humor and approachability. It goes beyond networking with the crowd as Lauran Star connected with all 600 attendees on a personal level leaving them reaching for more."

    “Another Keynote another dime – yet with Lauran Star … Buckle up! She goes beyond keynotes as she truly understood what our audience faced everyday and then had out of the box solutions they could apply right now. Lauran Star gives to your audience like no other – she was present with our audience weeks before the conference and remained well after the conference ended. Lauran Star Empowers and cares!"
  • “It is all about connections – and Lauran Star connects with her audience like no other! She goes beyond the platform as she engages with her audience before and after providing motivation and inspiration. If you want a Keynote speaker who is rakish and puts herself out there for the audience to grab on to – Lauran Star is it. She also has an amazing follow up program to keep the momentum moving forward!”
    “A strategic partner is what you get with Lauran Star – She will move you forward and help you get out of your own way- FAST! Be prepared to work and then reap the rewards!"


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